RRB NTPC 2023 Salary

The salary details for RRB NTPC 2023 posts are available in this blog. Students looking for RRB NTPC  Salary Structure, Job Profile, and other related information continue reading the blog.

The exams related to Non-Technical Popular Categories ( NTPC ) are conducted by the Railway Recruitment Board. There are multiple stages of the selection process in RRB NTPC notification. Students have to go through 3 stages of the RRB NTPC exam CBT-1, CBT-2, skill test/ CBAT, and Document Verification with medical certification.

The initial pay scale for posts related to graduates can range from Rs 25,000 and Rs 35,400 while posts related to Undergraduates start from Rs 19,000 and Rs 35,400. In addition, to in-hand salary employees will receive other allowances and perks.

1. RRB NTPC Salary for Undergraduate Posts

Here is the pay scale for posts related to aspirates who are undergraduates, dreaming of government jobs in railway: 

Post Level in 7th CPC Initial Pay (INR)
Junior Clerk cum Typist 2 Rs. 19,000
Accounts Clerk cum Typist 2 Rs. 19,000
Junior Time Keeper 2 Rs. 19,000
Trains Clerk 2 Rs. 19,000
Commercial cum Ticket Clerk 3 Rs. 21,700

2. RRB NTPC Salary for Graduate Posts

Below is the table for RRB NTPC Salaries for graduate posts: 

Post Level in 7th CPC Initial Pay (INR)
Traffic Assistant 4 Rs. 25,500
Goods Guard 5 Rs. 29,200
Senior Commercial cum Ticket Clerk 5 Rs. 29,200
Senior Clerk cum Typist 5 Rs. 29,200
Junior Account Assistant cum Typist 5 Rs. 29,200
Senior Time Keeper 5 Rs. 29,200
Commercial Apprentice 6 Rs. 35,400
Station Master 6 Rs. 35,400

3. What are the Allowances and Perks for RRB NTPC Salary?

The RRB NTPC salary structure is added with good allowances and perks. Employees will receive House Rent Allowances, Transport Allowances, Pension Scheme, Medical Benefits, and other related allowances. Below is the table for House Rent Allowance as per the 7th Pay Scale Commission.

City Type HRA After 7th Pay Commission HRA Before 7th Pay Commission
X Cities 24% 30%
Y Cities 16% 20%
Z Cities 8% 10%


3.1 Promotion and Career Growth in RRB NTPC Jobs

RRB NTPC is one of the most difficult exams, as there will be a huge competition. Below is the table to understand the promotion levels and career growth in the RRB NTPC jobs.

Posts Promotion
Junior Clerk cum Typist Senior Clerk cum Typist
Accounts Clerk cum Typist Senior Accounts Clerk cum Typist
Junior Time Keeper Senior Time Keeper
Senior Time Keeper Grade II
Senior Time Keeper Grade I
Trains Clerk Senior Trains Clerk
Chief Trains Clerk
Commercial cum Ticket Clerk Senior Commercial cum Ticket Clerk
Chief Commercial cum Ticket Clerk
Deputy Station Master
Traffic Assistant Senior Traffic Assistant
Goods Guard Passenger Guard
Express Guard
Section Controller
Chief Controller
Senior Commercial cum Ticket Clerk Chief Trains Clerk
Goods Guard
Assistant Station Master
Senior Clerk cum Typist Chief Trains Clerk
Assistant Station Master
Junior Account Assistant cum Typist Accounts Assistant
Junior Accounts Officer
Senior Accounts Officer
Deputy Chief Accounts Officer
Additional Finance advisor
Chief Accounts Officer
Financial Advisor
Senior Time Keeper Senior Time Keeper Grade II
Senior Time Keeper Grade I
Commercial Apprentice Assistant Commercial Manager
Divisional Commercial Manager
Senior Divisional Commercial Manager
Station Master Assistant Operations Manager
Divisional Operations Manager

5. FAQ's

1. What is the salary for a Station Master in RRB NTPC 2023?

 Ans. The monthly salary for the RRB NTPC Railway station master posts is approximately Rs 35,400. Employees of the Railway department will have many extra allowances and perks

2. What is the highest Salary in RRB NTPC 2023?

Ans. The salary structure of  RRB NTPC 2023 is not yet released. It is expected to be approximately the same as the 2019 notification. According to the 2019 RRB NTPC notification, the highest salary pay in RRB NTPC is Rs 54,360  for station master at Level 6.

3. Will RRB NTPC be conducted in 2023?

 Ans. Yes, RRB NTPC notification is expected to be released this year. As it is the central government’s job and a huge number of students are expected to submit the applications.

4. What is the salary for a Railway Trackman in 2023?

Ans. The salary for the post of Trackman in RRB NTPC 2023 notification would be around Rs 2.9 lakhs per year with 2 years of experience and it can also range to  Rs 4.7 Lakhs for 5 + years of experience.

5. What is the salary of TTE?

 Ans. The salary for Travelling Ticket Examiner in RRB NTPC 2023 will range from Rs 1.2 Lakhs to Rs 28.6 Lakhs. Wherein the annual salary for TTE is expected to be an average of Rs9.7 Lakhs.

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