1. RRB Group D Salary 2023: In-Hand Salary

The In-hand salary of RRB Group-D 2023 Including DA, HRA, And TA is given below.

Parameters Amount
Basic Rs. 18000
Dearness Allowances 18000 X 12% = Rs 2,160
House Rent Allowance 18000 X 24%= Rs 4,320/- (For Tier I city)
Travel Allowance Rs 3600 + Rs 432/- (DA on TA)= Rs 4,032
Gross salary (Sum of all above) 18,000 + 2,160 + 4,320 + 4,032 = Rs 28,512

2. Railway Group D Salary 2023 Deductions

RRB Group-D has several salary deductions including income tax, professional tax etc. 

RRB Group D Salary 2023 Deductions
Deductions  Amount
NPS (10% of RRB Group D Basic pay) Rs 1800
Professional tax RS 200
Income tax (as applicable) As applicable
Total Deduction in RRB Group D Rs 2030

3. RRB Group D Salary After 7th Pay Commission: Post-wise Pay Scale

Following the 7th Pay Commission, the RRB Group D Salary structure changes depending on the pay band and entry-level group pay. 

Pay Band Pay Scale Entry Level RRB Group D Group Pay
PB-1 (Rs. 15,600-60,600) Rs. 5400 Rs. 21,000
Rs. 5700 Rs. 23,190
Rs. 6000 Rs. 25,380
Rs. 7200 Rs. 29,730
Rs. 8400 Rs. 34,080
PB-2 (Rs. 29,900-1,04,400) Rs. 12,600 Rs. 40,500
Rs. 13,800 Rs. 51,420
PB-3 (Rs. 29,900-1,04,400) Rs. 14,400 Rs. 54,450
Rs. 16,200 Rs. 63,000
PB-3 (Rs. 46,800-1,17,300) Rs. 19,800 Rs. 76,590
Rs. 22,800 Rs. 88,500
PB-5 (Rs.1,12,200-2,01,000) Rs. 26,100 Rs. 1,38,300
Rs. 26,700 Rs. 1,47,300
Rs. 30,000 Rs. 1,59,000

4. RRB Group D Salary After 5 Years

The government changes the RRB Group D wage twice a year, in January and July, based on retail inflation statistics. According to the most recent information, the Dearness Allowances for RRB Group D posts would be increased by 5%. This means that, based on 39 percent DA allowances, the candidates’ RRB Group D income would increase by at least Rs. 15,000 after 5 years, depending on their pay band and place of assignment.

Parameters Salary of RRB Group-D 5 After years 
DA  39% After 5 years
Increment in DA  5% increment
Salary increase by  Rs 15,000/-

5. RRB Group D Salary After 10 Years

RRB Group-D salary grows dramatically after ten years of service. Candidates should be informed that their pay will increase by at least 20-30% over the next ten years due to the DA being modified every few months. Based on numerous parameters, the RRB Group D Salary may grow by up to Rs 25,000 after 10 years, as may the perks and bonuses.

Parameters Salary of RRB Group-D 5 After years 
DA  43 to 53% after 10 years
Increment in DA  20-30% increment
Salary increase by  Rs 25,000/-

6. RRB Group D Salary: Perks and Benefits

RRB Group-D employees receive a variety of benefits and allowances from Indian Railways, assuring their well-being and working happiness. These advantages and benefits include:

  • Night shift allowance
  • Fixed Conveyance Allowance
  • Medical Facilities
  • Compensation for Holidays
  • Special Allowance for Women with Disabilities
  • Daily travel allowance
  • Special Compensation (Tribal/Schedule Areas) Allowance
  • Preferred posting for female candidates

7. FAQ's

1. What is the salary of RRB Group-D 2023?

Ans. The total in-hand salary of RRB GRoup-D 2023 will be Rs 28,512.

2. What are the benefits given to RRB Group-D employees?

Ans. RRB Group-D employees will get a lot of benefits other than salary such as Night shift allowance, Compensation for Holidays, Daily travel allowance, Special Compensation (Tribal/Schedule Areas) Allowance, and many more.

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