1. RRB ALP 2024 exam overview

The Railway Recruitment Board conducts the RRB Exam each year to select Assistant Loco Pilots. The official RRB ALP Recruitment Notification for 2024 was released. The selection process is often divided into four steps such as CBT-I, CBT-II, CBAT, Document verification and Medical test. RRB has released a total of 5696 vacancies for the ALP post in 2024 recruitment. As per the RRB ALP 2018 notification railway recruitment board has released 64,371 vacancies and 47 lakh candidates applied for the RRB ALP 2018 vacancies

2. RRB ALP Cut Off – Minimum Qualifying Marks

The RRB will release the cut-off for the RRB ALP 2024 recruitment. The first is the minimum qualifying Railway Loco Pilot cut-off for 2024, and the second is the RRB ALP normalised marks used to create the merit list. 

Candidates should be aware that the RRB ALP selection procedure for Assistant Loco Pilot consists of Five stages: RRB ALP CBT I, CBT II, CBAT, Document verification and Medical test. The minimum qualifying marks for RRB ALP CBT-I and CBT-II Is given below.

RRB ALP 2024 CBT-I Minimum Cut-Off Marks 
RRB ALP Categories RRB ALP Cut-Off Percentage
General 40%
OBC 30%
SC 30%
ST 25%


RRB ALP 2024 CBT-II Minimum Cut-Off marks
RRB ALP Categories RRB ALP Cut-Off Percentage
General 40%
OBC/SC 30%
ST 25%

3. RRB ALP 2024 CBT-I Region-wise Cut-Off

Knowing the RRB ALP cut-off marks is essential for applicants of the next ALP recruitment as it allows them to plan their RRB preparation for the Assistant Loco Pilot examination.

The RRB ALP 2024 CBT-I Cut-off will be released soon. Candidates can verify the RRB ALP cut-off 2024 by visiting the regional RRB website links provided below. These links will be activated once the RRB ALP 2024 ALP cut-off marks are released. 

RRB ALP Cut Off 2024
RRB Regions RRB Regional Official Websites RRB ALP 2024 Region Wise Cut-Off Marks
Ahmedabad Railway Recruitment Board Ahmedabad To be released
Allahabad Railway Recruitment Board Allahabad To be released
Ajmer Railway Recruitment Board Ajmer To be released
Bhopal Railway Recruitment Board Bhopal To be released
Bhubaneswar Railway Recruitment Board Bhubaneswar To be released
Bangalore Railway Recruitment Board Bangalore To be released
Bilaspur Railway Recruitment Board Bilaspur To be released
Chennai Railway Recruitment Board Chennai To be released
Chandigarh Railway Recruitment Board Chandigarh To be released
Guwahati Railway Recruitment Board Guwahati To be released
Gorakhpur Railway Recruitment Board Gorakhpur To be released
Malda Railway Recruitment Board Malda To be released
Mumbai Railway Recruitment Board Mumbai To be released
Muzaffarpur Railway Recruitment Board Muzaffarpur To be released
Kolkata Railway Recruitment Board Kolkata To be released
Jammu-Srinagar Railway Recruitment Board Jammu & Srinagar To be released
Ranchi Railway Recruitment Board Ranchi To be released
Patna Railway Recruitment Board Patna To be released
Siliguri Railway Recruitment Board Siliguri To be released
Secunderabad Railway Recruitment Board Secunderabad To be released
Thiruvananthapuram Railway Recruitment Board Thiruvananthapuram To be released

4. RRB ALP 2024 CBT-II Region-wise Cut-Off

The railway recruitment board will release the Assistant Loco Pilot 2024 CBT-II cut-off in the regional websites of different railway zones. The RRB ALP 2024 CBT-II cut-off will be available in this blog.

5. RRB ALP previous year's cut-off marks

Candidates should review the previous year’s RRB ALP Cut-Off to gain a better grasp of the competition. 

Candidates can use the RRB ALP cutoffs 2018 CBT II as a reference.

                                          RRB ALP Cut Off 2018 CBT -II
Regional RRB Zone  ALP Categories -wise Cut-off
RRB ALP Ahmedabad  53.26461 41.21651 31.13617 25.22988
RRB ALP Ajmer  68.05049 58.43736 48.59900 31.26253
RRB ALP Allahabad  59.59306 44.81916 33.29067 25.04884
RRB ALP Bangalore  57.52077 48.57390 30.02874 25.00457
RRB ALP Bhopal  66.57391 58.77360 49.35859 40.85624
RRB ALP Bhubaneswar  40.03478 30.02874 30.02874 25.21082
RRB ALP Bilaspur  58.21998 50.03109 30.04828 25.04884
RRB ALP Chandigarh  60.67084 47.01685 42.57583 25.00457
RRB ALP Chennai  60.26068 55.32646 46.24073 31.84961
RRB ALP Gorakhpur  48.01359 30.02874 30.05318 25.00457
RRB ALP Guwahati  47.05229 35.09200 30.19228 25.00457
RRB ALP Jammu  45.89996 36.01416 30.40855 25.59902
RRB ALP Kolkata f 58.20415 38.36308 31.97181 25.06996
RRB ALP Malda  51.80819 32.20987 30.04828 25.00457
RRB ALP Mumbai  57.91174 50.94367 42.23504 25.85981
RRB ALP Muzaffarpur  40.18716 30.02874 32.49846 25.48476
RRB ALP Patna  40.03478 30.02874 30.04828 26.08537
RRB ALP Ranchi  60.92829 48.52838 30.03843 31.12907
RRB ALP Secunderabad  61.26211 53.33785 40.85624 33.25590
RRB ALP Siliguri  40.09207 30.02874 30.39789 25.14851
RRB ALP Thiruvananthapuram  69.39146 61.57835 37.58301 26.70645

6. FAQ's

1. Is there a minimal cut-off mark for the Railway ALP 2024 examination?

Ans. Yes, aspirants must meet the minimum qualifying marks to qualify for the RRB ALP CBT exam.

2. Is the RRB ALP cut-off 2024 determined after normalisation?

Ans Yes, after normalising the scores, the RRB Assistant Loco Pilot cut-off marks are determined.

3. What are the RRB ALP 2024 CBT-I Cut-off marks?

Ans. The RRB ALP 2024 CBT-I Cut-off marks will be released soon.

4. What are the RRB ALP 2024 CBT-II Cut-off marks?

Ans.  The RRB ALP 2024 CBT-II Cut-off marks will be released soon.

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