1. Introduction to Battle of Brains Season 4

The “Battle of the Brains” season 4 was a thrilling quiz competition held by the Indian Academy of Competitive Exams (IACE) in four branches across Andhra pradesh & Telangana States – Ameerpet, Dilsukhnagar, Vijayawada, and Vizag.

The six teams in this competition-The participants were challenged with questions in a variety of subjects. The quiz competition was held over 4 rounds with each team playing against the other.

Overall, the “Battle of the Brains” season 4 was a success, with students showcasing their knowledge and skills in a fun and competitive setting. The event not only promoted learning and confidence, but also encouraged students to stay focused on their studies and strive for excellence.

2. The Inception of “Battle of Brains”

IACE is the best coaching institute for SSC, Banking, Railways & SI/Constable courses in both Andhra Pradesh and Telangana States. This program is an attempt by IACE to create a program that spurs competition and critical thinking while under the pressure in an interview setting.

This program is designed to help and build the students preparing for competitive exams in practical exposure along with theoretical knowledge.

The first season of Battle of Brains Season 1 was inaugurated by the Chairman of IACE, Sir N. Vinay Kumar Reddy in 2016. The competition is aimed to increase confidence and knowledge among students while promoting healthy competition.

This initiation became a success as all participants of champions and runner teams in the first season cleared their interview and group activity rounds in the final round of their respective competitive exam and attained their jobs that year.

3. Implementation of Battle of Brains

The event featured six teams of four students each, who competed in four rounds of questions from four different subjects.

1) Quantitative Aptitude 

2) Reasoning Ability 

3) English 

4) General Awareness 

A quiz master will ask the participants’ questions, a countdown timer will be presented in real-time, and a judge will be certifying the answers,  jotting down the time and asking questions.

Each question carries ten marks, and the incorrect response will result in a mark deduction of three.The team with the most points at the conclusion of all four rounds will be declared the winner.

 Each round consisted of four questions, with a different allotted time for each subject: 

  • Quantitative Aptitude(1 min per question), 
  • Reasoning Ability (1 min per question) 
  • English (45 sec per question), and 
  • General Awareness(30 sec per question). 

The team with the highest score at the end of the competition was declared the winner and received a cash prize of INR 10,000 (approximately $135). The runner-up team received a cash prize of INR 5,000 (approximately $67).

In between rounds, audience members also had the chance to participate and win prizes by answering questions correctly. The event was hosted by a quiz master and judged by a panel of experts, who ensured that the competition was fair and enjoyable for all participants.

4. Advantages of “Battle of Brains”

This program is best suited for the students that are preparing for exams with interview and/or group activity as a final round of selection like SSC CGL, SBI PO, IBPS PO etc. Participants of this program will have a much needed practical exposure for the final rounds in the exams.

  • Enhances the critical and creative thinking of students.
  • Enhances memory retention capacity of the students.
  • Students can acquire the habit to stay calm and collected under pressure.
  • Increases communication and team building skills of the students during preparation and participation.
  • Decreases the stage fright for the actual scenarios. Today’s mistakes can reduce tomorrow’s mistakes.
  • Encourage students in healthy competition and self assessment.


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