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If you are looking for a Bank Coaching Centre, we are spread across Andhra Pradesh and Telangana State and are the best Coaching centre for Competitive Exams. We bring you experienced and knowledgeable faculty who help you learn with ease. Our team is always happy to clarify any doubts you may have to ensure you are well-prepared for the exam. 


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We have experienced and dedicated team members to help you to clear all the doubts and more prepare for the exams With our Mobile Apps and Web-based portal. you can practice all the past question papers and our test-series.

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Modern managerial procedures and sufficient professional management have evolved in the banking industry.

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Battle Of The Brains

Battle of the Brains is a quiz program curated for our students. It is excellent as it helps one overcome a set of challenges, which includes Speed, Memory, Wisdom, Identity, and Nerve. The questions are picked from a variety of different categories. This quiz helps provide relief from the tension and stress students may endure before the final examinations. That’s not all. Battle of Brains is like an exercise for the mind that keeps them sharp and overcomes any fear they may be facing. It is conducted at IACE branches and the winners are awarded cash prizes.


Current affairs is a crucial subject in all competitive exams. Therefore, a robust knowledge of the same is mandatory. To ensure students are on the right track and are able to test their strengths and weaknesses, we conduct weekly current affairs tests. But Weekly Current Affairs Test (WCAT) isn’t limited to the students of competitive exams. Even if you want to be well-versed in the events of the world, this is for you. And, to make it more rewarding, we have cash prizes for top performers. 

Weekly Current Affairs Test (WCAT) is a recurring program conducted every Monday within all the IACE branches. Here, students have 1 hour to answer all the questions. The exam schedule will be given to the students and also announced on social media channels. 

PQRE (Pure maths Quant Reasoning English)

Pure Maths Quant Reasoning English is aimed at enhancing the understanding of pure mathematics, quantitative aptitude, reasoning, and English. PQRE is held every Wednesday to include participation among students and cash prizes are also awarded to the top performers. Students will be notified before the exams and they are also announced on social media channels. It is a one-hour examination and is conducted offline. 

Developing a strong foundation in pure mathematics, quantitative reasoning, and English helps students in their future academic and professional success. It deepens their understanding of the subject and develops key skills necessary for their success.

Special Intensive Program Before Prelims

We bring you time-bound coaching before the prelim exams, which is known as the Special Intensive Program Prelims.  It is offered to all IACE students who have previously taken coaching for competitive exams that have a prelims section. Revision classes, daily practice handouts, and doubt-clearing sessions are all a part of the Special Intensive Program Before Prelims. 

If you wish to be a part of the program, keep an eye out for the announcements where we will let the eligible students know about the program. We provide study materials, regular assessments,  guidance and more to ensure you only give your best in the examination. 

Special Intensive Program Before Mains

Special Intensive Program Before Mains is designed for students who are experiencing a time crunch. Here, our trainers ensure that all learners are well-prepared for the examination with the help of daily revision classes, daily practice handouts, doubt clarification, and daily exams. It helps reduce any stress and strengthens your preparation. This program is for all the students who have previously taken coaching from IACE for competitive exams that have a main section. 

The program implementation starts with a date announcement and all the eligible students are informed about the same. IACE then opens registration for the same and a class schedule is then provided. This program is concluded a month before the actual exam, giving students ample time for self-preparation. 


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Hyderabad, SBI PO

Andrej Fister

Hyderabad, SBI PO

Andrej Fister

Hyderabad, SBI PO

Andrej Fister

Hyderabad, SBI PO

Andrej Fister

Hyderabad, SBI PO

Andrej Fister


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