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1) Who among the following won the Brazilian Grand Prix 2023?

2) The Reserve Bank of India (RBI) announced that it will discontinue the 'I-CRR' in a phased manner. What is the abbreviation of 'I-CRR'?

3) Which of the following banks has introduced Electronic Bank Guarantee (E-BG) services to facilitate digitization of trade finance?

4) How much monetary penalty RBI imposed on Shree Lodra Nagarik Sahakari Bank Limited for non-compliance with the directions issued by RBI on ‘Loans and advances to directors?

5) World Radiography Day is observed each year on __________.

6) Which of the following green energy companies has become India's largest green energy company as it reached the 8.4 gigawatt (GW) installed capacity mark?

7) According to a recent global survey conducted by Mckinsey Health Institute, what is the rank of India in employee well-being?

8) Which port the flagship of APSEZ, has set another record by handling 16.1 MMT of cargo in October, the highest-ever volume by any port in India?

9) Which of the following institutes became the first Indian Institute of Technology to set up an international campus, by launching a campus in Tanzania?

10) Who among the following won the gold medal in archery at National game 2023?

11) When is the National Legal Service Day observed?

12) What is the theme for 2023 World Usability Day (9 November)?

13) Which player won the ‘Paris Masters’ title in tennis?

14) Which batsman has scored the fastest double century in ODI World Cup history?

15) Who launched the ‘Bharat Organics’ brand of National Cooperative Organics Limited?

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