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1) Which country inaugurates the world’s border CO2 storage site underneath the sea?

2) RBI recently launched “_____” campaign on the occasion of Digital Payments Awareness week to expand the base of digital customers in the country.

3) FedEx, an e-commerce and business services provider, plans to open its first Advanced Capability Community (ACC) in which of the following districts of Telangana?

4) Recently, Telangana State Council of Science and Technology (TSCOST) signed an MoU with which of the following universities to encourage students in the field science?

5) Recently, which Indian State has earned a place in the Gunniess World Record for the highest number of handwritten essays about a single person?

6) Select the true statements regarding “Griha Lakshmi Scheme” launched by the Governemnt of Telangana. A) A one-time grant of Rs. 3 lakhs will be provided to each beneficiary B) The houses under this scheme will be sanctioned in the name of male head of the family.

7) Exercise TROPEX, the largest interservice military exercise involves the participation of? A) Indian Army B) Indian Navy C) Indian Air Force D) Coast Guard

8) Choose the incorrect statement regarding Enforcement Directorate. A) It is a statutory body which works under the Ministry of Home Affairs. B) It is mandated with the task of enforcing the provisions of Foreign Exchange Management Act and prevention of Money Laundering Act.

9) Which institution along with the UN Women launched a new programme called ‘FinEMPOWER’?

10) Which of the following Indian airports has ranked among the cleanest airports in Asia-Pacific, as per the Airport Council International (ACI)?

11) Name the formula 1 race driver, who won the season opening Bahrain Grand Prix 2023, held at Bahrain International Circuit.

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