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1) In May 2024, the Asian Development Fund (ADF) will be replenished with ____________ to support the most vulnerable sections in the Asia Pacific region.

2) Recently, which country has unveiled the World's first AI-generated spokesperson, named Victoria Shi?

3) 'World Asthma Day' is celebrated every year on ______________.

4) Recently, which country has decided to introduce a new currency note featuring Indian territories?

5) Recently, which organization has advised all states and UTs to “completely prohibit” all harmful sharp threads or “manjha”?

6) 'Mullaperiyar Dam', recently seen in news, located in which state?

7) Recently, Supreme Court (SC) has directed what percentage of reservation to women in SC bar Association Posts?

8) Who has been appointed as the brand ambassador for the election by the Gurgaon administration?

9) Who has been appointed as the country manager for India by Digital payments platform Visa?

10) Recently, which country has renewed visa-free entry for visitors from India and six other select countries, the countries included in this initiative are India, China, Russia, Japan, Malaysia, Thailand, and Indonesia?

11) Recently, the World Health Organisation (WHO) released a report highlighting the Global Immunisation efforts have saved an estimated ____________ lives over the past 50 years.

12) In May 2024, IndusInd International Holdings (IIHL) has set its sights on a new Rs 4.2 lakh crore target that it plans to fulfil by which year?

13) The Kharga Corps, under the aegis of the Indian Army’s Western Command, has completed three-day joint exercise Gagan Strike-II conducted at multiple locations in which state?

14) CCAvenue will partner with which Small Finance Bank to provide merchants registered with it access to SFB's customer?

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