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1) Which of the following states launched the Mukhya Mantri Sporting Abilities, Rebuilding Aspirations and Livelihood Scheme (SABAL) to improve the lives of specially-abled children in the state?

2) Which of the following countries is expected to join the G20 Summit to make history by transforming into the G21?

3) Who among the following has secured the top position on the Fortune India Rich List-2023, with wealth of $99.7 billion?

4) Which of the following companies signed an MoU with the Union Ministry of Education, to help children develop creative expression in classrooms using the application?

5) Which of the following countries signed an MoU with Bharat Electronics Limited to boost the cooperation between the two countries in the field of Short Range Air Defence Systems?

6) Who has won the title of Miss International India 2023?

7) Tanvi Khanna, who is seen in news recently belongs to which sport?

8) Who is the present Chief Election Commissioner of India?

9) Aditya Dickey Singh who passed away recently, was a prominent _____________.

10) Who has been selected for the Kaloji Narayana Rao Award for the year 2023?

11) Who has won the Tata Steel Chess India Women's Rapid Tournament 2023, in the women's category?

12) What is the rank of India in the recently held ISSF World Championships 2023?

13) The Krishna Raja Sagar dam in news, is built across which river?

14) Which ministry launched the ‘Malaviya Mission’?

15) When is the International Day of Clean Air for blue skies observed?

16) US based multinational technology company Corning has announced to set up a $113 million Gorilla Glass manufacturing facility in which state?

17) How many countries have been invited as ‘Guest Countries’ in the G20 Summit, India?

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