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1) Read the following statements & Choose the incorrect one:
I. J&K Bank has collaborated with Paymart India Pvt Ltd to unveil a Virtual ATM (VATM) facility.
II. This innovative service enables cardless cash withdrawals for customers through local retailers.
III. This facility allows withdrawals of up to Rs 2000 per transaction, with a monthly limit of Rs 20,000.

2) Peter Pellegrini has been appointed as the president of which of the following country?

3) Consider the following statements & mark the correct one:
I. On April 8th 2024, Parivartan Chintan Sammelan 2024 will be organized in New Delhi.
II. The conference will be chaired by Chief of Defence Satff General Anil Chauhan.
III. This conference will be the first ever conference of Heads of Tri-Services Institutions of India.

4) What is the theme World Health Day is celebrated every year on April 7, 2024?

5) UNICEF India, in collaboration with the International Institute of Health Management Research, New Delhi, and which IIT institution unveiled a digital course to equip healthcare professionals with the skills to drive the digital transformation of India's healthcare sector?

6) Apricot Blossom Festival 2024 has begun In which State\UT?

7) Who has become the highest century scorer in IPL?

8) Which of the following states has launched the 'Booth Raabta' website for election related information?

9) In April 2024, India will continue to supply essential commodities to which country?

10) Anupama Upadhyaya has won the Women's singles title 'Kazakhstan International Challenge Tournament ' 2024 held in which city of Kazakhstan?

11) Recently who inaugurated the Indian Coast Guard Aquatic Centre at the ICGS Mandapam near Rameshwaram, Tamil Nadu?

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