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1) Government has launched "Fit India Freedom Run 3.0". First edition was launched in

2) Who has been appointed as the CEO of MyGov, Ministry of Electronics and IT?

3) Which state assembly has passed a bill to dissolve State Vigilance Commission?

4) Which city is the host of "Khadi Fest - 2022 Exhibition"?

5) .How many laboratories will the government set up across India for 5G technology?

6) “World Animal Day” is observed every year on

7) “International Teachers Day” is observed every year on

8) “World Space Week” is observed every year from

9) Who has won Nobel Prize in Medicine or Physiology 2022?

10) Which state government has launched the “Vande Mataram” initiative in the state?

11) Who has won the 2022 Nobel Prize in Physics?

12) What percent of houses constructed under PM Awas Yojana, are owned by Women?

13) Who has been appointed as Director General of the Indian Ordnance Factory Service (IOFS)?

14) Who has been honoured with the Global Indian Award by the Canada-India Foundation?

15) Who has received the American Geophysical Union’s Devendra Lal Memorial Medal 2022?

16) Which is the first country to announce a zero extictions target for its plants and animals?

17) "Optimus" is the prototype humanoid robot, launched by which company?

18) "Kudlada Pili Parba" tiger dance competition is organised in which state/UT?

19) Who has won the United Nations refugee agency's prestigious Nansen Award?

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