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1) Recently, which state passed a bill aimed at curbing illegal immigration in February 2024?

2) Which is the first country in the world to make abortion a constitutional right?

3) Recently, Department of Telecommunications (DoT) has launched two portals among them one is Department of Intelligence Platform (DIP). What is the name of other portal through this victim can report spam calls, fraudulent messages?

4) What is the theme of 5th national youth parliament festival 2024?

5) Recently, e-commerce company Flipkart in collaboration with which bank has launched UPI services for its customers?

6) Consider the following statements regarding ‘Women, Business & Law Index / Legal Gender Gap Index 2024’ released in March, 2024.
1. This is the 10th edition of report, India ranked 113rd out of 190 countries in this report.
2. This report shows that Indian women have 60% of the legal rights compared to men, this is slightly lower than the global average of 64.2% as per the 2024 index report
3. Every year this report is released by International Monetary Fund (IMF). Choose the correct statements based on the options.

7) In an aim to conserve Gangetic Dolphins, India’s first ‘National Dolphin Research Centre (NDRC)’ is recently inaugurate in which state?

8) Recently, who became the first woman sniper of Border Security Force (BSF)?

9) Global rating agency Moody’s has raised India’s GDP growth projection for 2024 to how much per cent?

10) Indian sportsperson B Sai Praneeth recently announced retirement, he is related to which sport?

11) On 4th March, 2024 which of the following organisation has celebrated its 174th foundation day?

12) Recently India has conducted test for the first stage of prototype ‘Fast Breeder Reactor’ at Kalpakkam Nuclear Plant. If this reactor is operational, India will be the second country to develop this type of reactor indigenously. Which country is the first in the world to develop Fast Breeder Reactor?

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