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1) Union Minister of Education will inaugurate ‘ULLAS mela’ at New Delhi to showcase various National and state level activities under ULLAS-Nav Bharat Sakshatra Karyakram Scheme. Under this scheme India set a target to achieve 100% literacy by_______

2) A 3-day Ajanta -Ellora International Festival 2024 is recently held in which state?

3) Recently, Bihar State Disaster Management Authority in collaboration with which IIT has launched NITISH device, to provide timely alerts to farmers and the public in case of disasters like lightning, floods, heatwaves?

4) In 66th Grammy Awards ceremony was held in Los Angeles, USA. Which of the following album won the “Best Global Music Album Award of 2024”?

5) Vyommitra, recently seen in news is a______

6) Recently, animal right group PETA India has filed petitions is the Guwahati High Court seeking a complete ban on buffalo and bulbul fighting events. PETA is established in which year?

7) In 2024 Safe Internet Day is celebrated with the theme of ‘Inspiring Change’ on which date?

8) In which category has the Indian Institute of Mass Communication (IIMC) been declared as a deemed to be university?

9) Who launched the web portal of Coal Mines Provident Fund Organization (CMPFO) called C-CARES?

10) What does the acronym “GHAR” stand for in the context of the portal launched by NCPCR?

11) Where was the “Digital India Future LABS” inaugurated by Union Minister Rajeev Chandrasekhar?

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