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1) Nine-dash line, sometimes seen in the news is associated with which of the following water body?

2) N. Valarmathi, who passed away recently, is known for her contributions in which field?

3) Who has won the Italian Grand Prix 2023?

4) Which organization has been granted the deemed-to-be-university status by the Ministry of Higher Education?

5) Who is the chairman of the ‘One Nation One Election’ committee?

6) Pulikkali, the folk art form recently seen in news, belongs to which state?

7) Who has been appointed as the new India chairman of the Shell Group of Companies?

8) Which state government has constituted a three-member committee to draft the anti-polygamy law?

9) Who has been awarded the prestigious Dr.MS Swaminathan award for his contributions in the field of agriculture during the period 2021-2022?

10) Which bank has been designated by RBI as an authorized pension disbursement bank for civil pensioners on behalf of the Central Pension Accounting Office (CPAO)?

11) Which bank has launched the ‘GST Sahay App’ for invoice-based MSME loans?

12) Who has been appointed as the Principal Director General of Press Information Bureau?

13) Who has topped the list of three central bank governors who have been rated A+, in the Global Finance Central Banker Report Cards 2023?

14) The Kakrapar nuclear power plant is located in which state?

15) Which country has won the Men’s Hockey 5s Asia Cup 2023?

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