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1) Recently, Education minister Dharmendra Pradhan has launched ‘Project ODISERV’ in Odisha’s Sambalpur. Under this project National Skill Development Corporation (NSDC) in collaboration with _______ will train graduates for employment opportunities in the financial services sector.

2) In 13th Ministerial Conference of World Trade Organisation (WTO) recently held in Abu Dhabi. Two new countries namely Comoros & Timor-Leste joined as membered countries. With this accession at present total how many member countries are there in WTO?

3) Recently, who among the following person is appointed as the Head of Parliament security?

4) The First edition of North East India Film Festival 2024 recently began in which state?

5) Recently, which union minister has launched “Haj Suvidha App” to provide necessary information and services like flight details to pilgrims travelling for Haj 2024 pilgrimage?

6) Which state’s famous ornamental product ‘Chandi Tarakasi’ (Silver Filigree) has received Geographical Indication (GI) Tag?

7) Recently Tamil Nadu Ancient Children’s Cemetery has been discovered, this cemetery belongs to which period?

8) Who has been appointed as the brand ambassador for Bharat Petroleum Corporation’s premium petrol ‘Speed’?

9) In March 2024, who has been awarded the ‘Maharashtra Bhushan Award 2024’ for his pioneering work in regenerative medicine and stem-cell research?

10) National Safety Day is observed on 4th March every year. When was the National Safety Council established in India?

11) Recently, Indian Navy has inducted MH-60R Seahawk multirole helicopter as INAS 334 at INS Garuda, Kochi. These MH-60R aircrafts are manufactured by Sikorsky Aircraft which is a subsidiary of______

12) What is the name of AI model recently launched by Google DeepMind which can create video Games based on text or image?

13) Recently, Padma Shri awardee Arun Kumar Sharma passed away at the age of 91. He is a renowned_____

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