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1) The World Bank has lowered its forecast for India’s economic growth in the current fiscal year that started on April 1 to ______ % from 6.6%.

2) Who took over as the 40th president of FICCI Ladies Organisation (FLO)?

3) India to become second largest solar PV (Photo Voltaic) manufacturing country by which year?

4) India, US to begin major air combat exercise in Kalaikunda air base in the month of April. In which state Kalaikunda airbase is located?

5) Oscar-winning composer Ryuichi Sakamoto passed away recently. He is from which country?

6) This year marks the ______ anniversary of National Maritime Day which is celebrated on April 5 every year.

7) After banning ChatGPT, which country’s government is now planning to ban English language?

8) Which Country’s Currency replace Dollar as Most traded Currency in Russia?

9) Which State Government has decided to set up Education Service Selection Commission for appointment of teachers?

10) Recently, Nagri Dubraj gets geographical indication tag. It belongs to which of the following variety?

11) Which Bank has introduced “Premium Payroll Package” for the salary account holders with competitive features?

12) Which State Government announces ‘cool roof’ policy to reduce heat impact on buildings?

13) Who has been conferred with France’s highest civilian award “Chevalier de la Legion d Honneur” (Knight of the Legion of Honour)?

14) Who is the current Prime Minister of Italy?

15) How many transactions were processed by UPI in March 2023?

16) What is the name of the fighter training exercise that the US and Indian Air Force are set to engage in?

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