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1) Which of the following countries won the Men's Junior Asia Cup 2023 at the Sultan Qaboos Youth Complex Stadium in Salalah, Oman?

2) Consider the following statements:
I. The RBIH has partnered with the IIT Bombay Research Park and IIT Madras Incubation Cell to launch voice-banking solutions to eliminate language barriers.
II. In the initial stage, this initiative conducts basic banking transactions through voice controls in Hindi, Tamil, Kannada, Urdu, Telugu, and English.
III. The code fest on voice banking named ‘Vaulter Voice’ will be conducted by the SBI, Kotak Mahindra Bank, IDFC First, and Axis Bank.
Which of the statements above is/are correct?

3) According to the NASSCOM – Zinnov report titled, GCC 4.0 – India Redefining the Globalization Blueprint, the Global Capability Centre (GCC) ecosystem of India would be expanded with over 1,900 GCCs by which year?

4) In May 2023, which of the following Indian Institutions signed an MoU with the HCLTech in the field of petroleum engineering and earth sciences?

5) Phukot Karnali Hydro Electric Project, which was in the news recently, is a joint project of India and ___________.

6) Recently, India successfully launched the Medium-Range Ballistic Missile Agni-1 from ___________.

7) How many Indian standards related to Ayush have been introduced by the Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS)?

8) Name the Indian cyclist, who won a bronze medal in the elite men's keirin event at a UCI Class 1 Event-Finale Bahnen-Tournee 2023 cycling competition in Germany?

9) Which of the following states' thermal power utility organizations signed an MoU with the NTPC Green Energy Limited (NGEL) to collaborate in the development of Renewable Energy Parks and Projects?

10) Reserve Bank Innovation Hub has partnered with which of the following IIT to launch voice-banking solutions?

11) Who among the following has been appointed as the Director General of Naval Armament?

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