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1) Who among the following players created history by becoming the first Indian men’s doubles pair to win a gold medal at the Badminton Asia Championships?

2) Maharashtra Deputy Chief Minister Devendra Fadnavis has unveiled a statue of Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj in which country?

3) Who has been appointed as the New Chairman of the Atomic Energy Commission of India recently?

4) According to the Kpler report, recently which country has become Europe’s largest supplier of refired fuels?

5) ‘Bihan Mela’ is a festival celebrated by which of the following tribes?

6) What is the name of chatbot launched by Russia’s Sberbank to compete with ChatGPT?

7) The gross Goods and Services Tax (GST) revenue collection increased by how much percent in April 2023 to Rs. 1.87 lakh crore?

8) ‘Smart Saathi’ is a Digital Distribution Platform launched by which of the following bank for its agents and partners?

9) Choose the incorrect pair from the following:
I. Simbalbara National Park - Himachal Pradesh
II. Rajaji National Park - Uttarakhand
III. Kalesar National Park - Ladakh

10) Which Article of the Indian Constitution empowers the Supreme Court of India with a discretionary power to pass any order that is ‘necessary for complete justice’, in any matter pending before it?

11) Which institute researchers has recently developed a machine learning based computational tool for better detection of cancer-causing tumors in the brain and spinal cord?

12) Who has been conferred with the Britain’s ‘Honorary MBE Award’ by King Charles III recently?

13) India becomes the ______ dialogue partner to hold the AIM (ASEAN - India maritime exercise) - 2023.

14) The Department of Justice in the Union Law Ministry issued a notification announcing the appointment of whom as the new Chief Justice of Calcutta High Court?

15) Recently, the Government of India blocked how many mobile applications widely used in Jammu and Kashmir for spreading terrorism?

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