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1) National Pollution Control Day was celebrated every year on December, 2 for the remembrance of Bhopal Tragedy, which of the following gas lekage is responsible for Bhopal Tragedy?

2) “Fattah 2” a Hypersonic Ballistic Missile, is developed by which country?

3) Recently, Ministry of Statistics and Programme implementation (MospI) has calculated the GDP for the 2nd Quarter as 7.6%, this ministry is headed by whom?

4) Consider the following statements regarding COP-28 summit recently held in Dubai, U.A.E (United Arab Emirates).
Statement-I: in this summit Five countries and the EU(European Union) have pledged more than $420mn to seed a historic new “loss and damage”
Statement-II: India offered to host COP-33 Summit in 2028.

5) Recently, which of the following online payment app launches a video sign language Know Your Customer (KYC) service for hearing and speech impaired customers?

6) The 91st General Assembly of the INTERPOL was held in Vienna, Austria. The INTERPOL was formed in which year?

7) Market Regulator SEBI announced the extension of timeline of SEBI Complaint Redressal (SCORES) platform upto______

8) RBI (Reserve Bank of India) has signed a Memorandum Of Understanding with which bank to exchange information on CCIL?

9) Recently, Hindustan Unilever Limited (HUL) has partnered with Brookfield for the establishment of 45 MW solar energy park in which of the following states?

10) According to the data released by ministry of commerce and industry, India's eight core industries posted a growth of 12.1% in October 2023, which of the following sectors does not fall under the 8 Core industries?

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