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1) Which committee set up to look into the matter of Other Backward Classes (OBC) sub-categorization, recently, submitted its report to President Draupadi Murmu?

2) Who is the CEO of Ola, who was in news recently?

3) Identify the correct statements about “Amrit Bharat Station Scheme”.
A. The scheme aims to increase the capacity of railway stations in the country and modernize them.
B. As a part of this scheme, 894 crores have been allocated for 21 railway stations in Telangana for a total of 39 stations.

4) Registration of Births and Deaths (Amendment) Bill 2023 was recently passed by Lok Sabha. A single birth certificate is sufficient for which of the following?

5) Gigworkers are 1) Have fixed salaries 2) Temporary workers without fixed wages

6) Iga Swiatek captured her fourth Women’s Tennis Association title of the 2023 season. She is from which country?

7) When is the Muslim Women Rights Day observed in India?

8) Who is the 41st recipient of the Lokmanya Tilak National Award?

9) Which is the nodal Ministry for G20 EMPOWER Summit, recently inaugurated in Gandhinagar?

10) Who would be the brand ambassador of the World Coffee Conference 2023, to be held in Bengaluru?

11) In which year was the law enacted gainst the triple talaq by the central government?

12) Who is the Union minister for minority affairs?

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