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1) Recently, who country added two sophisticated missiles Talaeieh and Nasir to its arsenal?

2) English edition of book ‘Why Bharat Matters’ will be set to release in 2024, this book is written by whom?

3) Indian Olympic Association (IOA) formed an ad-hoc committee to look into the matters of Wrestling Federation of India body. Who is the chairman of this Committee?

4) Recently, Amith Shah released a postal stamp to mark the 50th anniversary of Pandit Jasraj’s music festival, Pandit Jasraj is a Hindustan vocalist he belongs to which Gharana?

5) Which state’s transport corporation has launched ‘Namma Cargo’ Logistics services?

6) Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath, has recently launched first ever UP’s intra-district helicopter services between which two cities?

7) Recently, Government announced that under SHRESHTA scheme nearly 2,500 Scheduled Castes students were enrolled in private schools. This SHRESHTA scheme is launched by which ministry?

8) Recently, India purchased crude oil from which of the following country in first ever Indian Currency (Rupee)?

9) Who among the following is the first batter to score more than 2000 runs in a calendar year for the 7th time?

10) Consider the following statements and choose the correct one.
Statement-1: In 2023 Women’s World Rapid Chess championship held at Samarkand, Uzbekistan, Koneru Humpy got defeated by Anastasia Bodnaruk and clinched silver medal.
Statement-2: Norwegian chess player Magnus Carlsen won the 2023 FIDE World Rapid Chess championship, he won this title for the record of 5th time.

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