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1) Which Small Finance Bank has partnered with Veefin Solutions Ltd to enhance chain finance offerings for MSMEs?

2) Read the following statements & mark the correct one:
I. Venezuela has become the fifth-largest crude oil supplier to India in February 2024.
II. Venezuela accounts are only 4-5% of India's total imports.
III. Russia is currently India's top oil supplier.

3) How much has the RBI imposed a penalty on Nashik-based Janalaxmi Cooperative Bank for non-compliance with regulations?

4) According to Hurun Research's 2024 Global Rich List, which city surpassed Beijing to become Asia's billionaire capital for the first time?

5) Where is the Digital Public Infrastructure (DPI) Conference held?

6) An asteroid has been named in whose honour by the International Astronomical Union (IAU)?

7) Who has been appointed as Director in Union Public Service Commission (UPSC)?

8) Collins Obuya has retired from cricket following their defeat to Uganda. He is from which country?

9) Satrburst Accelerator SARL is partnering with which IIT to set up an innovative hub for start-ups with a funding support of ₹100 million.

10) .S&P Global upped India's growth forecast by ______________ basis points to 6.8% per cent during Fiscal Year 2024-25?

11) World Theatre Day is celebrated every year on 27 March. In which year was the day first observed?

12) Abhay Thakur has been appointed as India's next ambassador to which of the following countries?

13) India made history by making a Guinness World record with participation on 128 players, on The World Kabaddi Day, held at ________.

14) Read the following statements & mark the correct one :
I. Indian Coast Guard (ICG) ship Samudra Paheredar, a specialized Pollution Control Vessel has reached Manila Bay, Philippines as part of overseas deployment to ASEAN countries.
II. The ICG ship is on an overseas deployment to ASEAN countries Philippines, Vietnam, and Brunei till 12th April.

15) .Recently which court declared the UP Board of Madarsa Education Act of 2004 as unconstitutional?

16) Gulaal Gota, recently seen in the news, is a traditional festival of which city?

17) UN Security Council passed the resolution on March 25, 2024, for an immediate ceasefire in Gaza. Which countries are involved in the conflict?

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