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1) Who among the following Indian cricketers received a suspension from ICC for the next two international matches during India v/s Bangladesh cricket series?

2) Which among the following Indian state's borders witnessed the first Rupee trade shipment to Bangladesh in july 2023?

3) Who among the following leaders inaugurated the national conference on "Moving Mental Health Beyond Institutions"?

4) What is the full form of MERS in the context of coronavirus?

5) Bishnu Pada Roy, who passed away, recently, was a prominent __________.

6) Dr Thani Al Zeyoudi has been elected as the chair of the World Trade Organisation’s 13th Ministerial Conference (MC13) that will be held in which place?

7) Aditya Samant becomes India's 83rd Grandmaster after earning his third GM norm at the Master Tournament (MTO) in the Biel International Chess Festival. He belongs to which state?

8) Recently, which country conducted an anti-aircraft landing drill at its main international airport for the first time?

9) Sinead O’Connor , who passed away, recently, was a prominent __________.

10) Prime minister Narendra Modi to inaugurate Gujarat's first Greenfield International Airport in which village?

11) Central Reserve Police Force (CRPF), India’s largest Central Armed Police Force, is observing its ‘84th Raising Day’ on________.

12) Bandhan Financial Holdings Ltd. has entered into a definitive agreement with which Insurance company?

13) Pacer Sajrul Idrus took 7 wickets in a match against any country and created a world record as a first male cricketer ?

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