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1) Sri Varadaraja Perumal temple in Tamil Nadu, which belongs to Chola-era was built by:

2) Match the following:
A) Periyakanal water falls B) Jog Water falls C) Kumbakkarai water falls D) Bogatha water falls
1) Kerala 2) Karnataka 3) Tamil Nadu 4) Telangana

3) The doctrine of ‘Rule of Law’ was propounded by?

4) Theme for World Tuberculosis day 2023 is?

5) P.M. Modi addressed the One World TB Summit 2023 on the Occasion of World Tuberculosis Day (March 24) in which of the following city?

6) Recently, the Defence Ministry signed a contract with which of the following companies for manufacturing radars for Indian Air Force?

7) India holds a joint maritime exercise ‘Konkan’ in Arabian sea with which of the following countries?

8) What is the tallest flying bird in the World?

9) In which place is the Asia’s largest liquid mirror telescope was inaugurated?

10) As per the MSME Export Promotion Council, Telangana witnessed how much percentage of growth rate in investment proposals? MSME

11) Which IIT entered the list of Top 50 institutions for Engineering in QS Ranking 2023?

12) Who launched a Digiclaim, under the ambit of PM Fasal Bima Yojana for claim disbursal through National Crop Insurance portal?

13) Padma Shri awardee Abhay Chhajlani recently passed away. He is a well known?

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