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1) According to the Latest Report by NCRB 2023, which of the following city emerged as the city with the highest number of food adulteration cases in 2022?

2) In which year was December 22 is declared as National Mathematics Day to honor the birth anniversary of famous Indian Mathematician Srinivasa Ramanujan?

3) Recently which of the following state has launched “Janavani Kalushya Nivarana” Mobile app to register complaints related to environmental pollution?

4) ISRO recently received prestigious Lief Erikson Lunar Prize 2023 for its successful launch of Chandrayan – 3 Mission. This prize is given by________

5) Manipur recently launched SAANS Campaign 2023-24 to curb which of the following disease?

6) Recently, World Health Organization (WHO) has officially added Noma disease to Tropical Neglected Diseases (NTDs) List. This bacterial infection will infect_____ of Human body.

7) Who among the following is appointed as the New President of Wrestling Federation of India (WFI)?

8) Which of the following ministry has launched India’s National Geoscience Data Repository (NGDR) portal?

9) Recently, which airport’s Terminal is awarded with UNESCO’s Prix Versailles prize 2023?

10) Hanukkah festival which is also known as ‘festival of lights’ is celebrated by which community?

11) Bandhan bank has transferred an amount of 775.62 crore rupees of housing finance NPAs (Non Performing Assets) to an Asset Reconstruction Company (ARC). Where is the headquarters of Bandhan bank located?

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