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1) World Post Day is celebrated every year on _________.

2) The Air Force Day parade was held at which Air Force Station?

3) Which of the following team did the Indian men's hockey team beat to clinch gold at the Asian Games?

4) Which of the following state in India is conducting a caste survey and publishing a caste-wise count of its population?

5) Which of the following cities has the highest green - certified office space in India?

6) Which of the following companies has launched earthquake alert system in India?

7) Which of the following cities hosted the United Nations Commission on Crime Prevention and Criminal Justice event?

8) Who among the following launched India's first 5G training labs and 5G applications in health sector in all the eight North Eastern States?

9) Who is the CEO of Food Safety and Standards Authority of India (FSSAI)?

10) Where is the Daiichi Nuclear power plant?

11) White Sand National Park is located in which country?

12) Recently, how many unreported human made earthworks discovered?

13) Kolleru Wildlife Sanctuary is in which district of Andhra Pradesh?

14) The Ghaghara river, a tributary of River Ganga, flows through which of the following countries?

15) India’s first law enforcement Chief Information Security Officers’ (CISO) council was launched in which state?

16) Who is the title winner of Qatar Grand Prix 2023?

17) Which player has become the fastest batter to reach 1000 runs mark in World Cup?

18) Jivitiputrika festival, an annual three-day event, is celebrated in which of the following states?

19) IndusInd Bank has launched 'INDIE,' a financial app offering personalized financial services, harnessing advanced analytics to offer tailored insights and an array of innovative features. For instance, users can access an instant credit line of up to _________.

20) Axis Bank launched ‘open by Axis Bank’, its digital bank proposition in its latest advertising campaign that focuses on the Bank’s digital capabilities. What is the Tagline of Axis Bank?

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