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1) Which has become the world's most polluted capital in the World Air Quality (WAQ) Report 2023 released by Switzerland - based IQAir?

2) Which edition of North East Games - 2024 has begun in Nagaland?

3) Who has been appointed as the new Ambassador of India to Russia?

4) Who has been given the additional charge of Governor of Telangana and Lieutenant Governor of Puducherry?

5) When is World Oral Health Day is celebrated?

6) World Sparrow Day is an annual event that is marked on March 20, the first observance of this special day occurred in which year?

7) The International Day of Happiness is celebrated throughout the world on March 20. It was established by the United Nations General Assembly on _____________.

8) AI gaming agent 'SIMA' has been launched by which company?

9) Shooters Akhil Sheoran and Anish Bhanwala have won gold medals in the Polish Grand Prix (PGP), PGP has been held in which country?

10) Indian Navy and Which IIT signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) to promote technology development, innovative solutions and joint Research & Development (R&D)?

11) The Finance Ministry notified the issuance of a special commemorative coin of ₹90 denomination to mark the completion of 90 years of the RBI. This will be a silver coin with 99.99% silver purity, weighting about how many grams?

12) How much monetary penalty has the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) imposed on Tamilnad Mercantile Bank (TMB)?

13) India has decided to join at least one of the four cooperative work programmes unveiled under the 'clean energy pillar' of the US-led Indo-Pacific Economic Framework (IPEF)- the one on facilitating and promoting carbon-market activities. IPEF aims to have a common set of rules and standards around how many pillars?

14) According to the WMO, "The State of Global Climate Report", published, stated that the global average near-surface temperature was 1.45 degree Celsius above the pre-industrial baseline. It was the warmest how many years on record?

15) Which bank has announced a distribution agreement with PPFAS Asset Management Company for mutual fund products?

16) Who has been appointed as the Group President of 'One Kotak' by Kotak Mahindra Bank?

17) What is the theme of the Annual Conference of RBI Ombudsmen held in Mumbai?

18) Which Command Hospital of the Armed Forces Medical Services (AFMS) was judged as the Best for the year 2022?

19) Union Minister Arjun Munda laid the foundation stone of ' Centre for Preservation and Promotion of Tribal Culture and Heritage' in which state?

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