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1) Which of the following men's senior football teams has defeated Lebanon to win the Intercontinental Cup 2023?

2) As of June 2023, how much amount of Gross Direct Tax has been collected by the government? (Approx)

3) Name the submarine that embarked on an operational visit to Colombo to commemorate the 9th edition of the International Day of Yoga? (June 2023)

4) Which of the following public sector bank has launched ActivMoney feature, an auto sweep feature that allows customers to earn higher interest and retain the liquidity offered by a saving account? (June 2023)

5) What is the name of the mascot for the upcoming 37th National Games, that would be held in Goa?

6) In June 2023, which of the following state's Animal Husbandry and Veterinary Departments launched a web portal for cattle transportation?

7) In June 2023, SEBI has restricted OBPP from offering products other than listed debt securities on their platforms. In this context, what does 'B' stands for in OBPP?

8) India aims to eradicate sickle cell anaemia by which year?

9) In respect of ‘Ex-Khaan Quest- 2023’ which of the following statements are correct?
I. It is a Multinational Peace Keeping Exercise.
II. The Indian Army is being represented by a contingent of the Garhwal Rifles.
III. It is conducted in Mongolia.

10) Recently, the Defense Minister Rajnath Singh announced to gift which of the following indigenous in-service missile corvette to Vietnam?

11) Recently, the archaeologists found the rock painting of a person tilling a piece of land in Guntur. This painting belongs to which era?

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