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1) Who is the author of the book “The Hero of Tiger Hill: Autobiography of a Param Vir”?

2) The Shumang Leela Festival 2021-2022 has been kicked off in which state?

3) National Nutrition Week is observed every year from?

4) National Small Industry Day is observed every year in India on?

5) ‘CM Udyman Khiladi Unnayan Yojana’ is associated with which state?

6) Who will take over as MD and CEO of Mercedes-Benz (The German luxury automaker) India’s operations?

7) Who won the prestigious title of Miss Diva Universe 2022?

8) Who has been adjudged as best actor at the 67th Filmfare Awards 2022?

9) Who is the author of the book “Indian Banking in Retrospect – 75 years of Independence”?

10) Who became the world’s 3rd -richest person as per Bloomberg Billionaires Index?

11) International Day of the Victims of Enforced Disappearances is observed globally on?

12) World's largest religious monument “Temple of the Vedic Planetarium" is being built in which state?

13) As per report titled: ‘Tech Cities: The Global Intersection of Talent and Real Estate’, which Indian city ranked second in the Asia Pacific region in the top tech hubs list?

14) Economist and former Planning Commission member Abhijit Sen passed away recently. He was awarded Padma Bhusan in which year?

15) Who has become India's fastest man by running 100 metres in 10.25 seconds at the All India Inter Railways Athletics Championships in Raebareli?

16) "Rajiv Gandhi Rural Olympic Games" started off in which state?

17) What is the name of the centralised portal rolled out by UGC to monitor and resolve all grievances of students and staff?

18) Which institution/ council released the ‘Competitiveness Roadmap for India@100’ Report?

19) Which city hosted the ‘UN session to save Biodiversity’?

20) J&K Police has launched which online Mobile application for easy interface to facilitate common people?

21) Which Airlines has joined World Economic Forum (WEF) Sustainability Campaign 'Clear Skies for Tomorrow'?

22) Shia Leader Muqtada al-Sadr belongs to which country?

23) As per National Crime Records Bureau (NCRB) Report, which city has been announced as the safest city in India in 2021?

24) "International Whale Shark Day" is observed every year on?

25) 'Mikhail Gorbachev', The Last Soviet leader Who Ended the Cold War was born in which country?

26) The International Day for People of African Descent is celebrated on?

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