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1) Recently, RBI has cautioned mobile phone users about a new cyber-attack ‘Juice Jacking’ it involves__________

2) Agalega Island recently seen in the news, this island is located in which ocean?

3) What is the theme of Zero Discrimination Day 2024 which is observed on March 1st?

4) 4th Khelo India University games 2023 recently concluded in Guwahati. Which University emerged as the overall champion?

5) The 4-day ‘Tawi festival’ recently began in which state/UT?

6) According to the recent report released by Ministry of environment, forest & climate change, leopard population in India has risen to 13,874 in 2022 from 2018. Which state has the largest population of leopards in India?

7) Recently, which of the following became the first country to join India’s Jan Aushadhi scheme?

8) Recently, who among the following Bengali translator has been awarded with ‘Romain Rolland book Prize 2024’ for translating the French book ‘Stalin’s Couch’ into Bengali?

9) In 2023, which of the following country has recorded the world’s lowest fertility rate of 0.72?

10) Recently Jana Small Finance Bank has partnered with which fintech company to facilitate digital baking services to its customers?

11) Raja & Radha Reddy are among the 6 recipients of Sangeet Natak Akademi Fellowship (Akademi Ratnas) announced by Sangeeta Natak Akademi for the year 2022 & 2023. They belong to which classical dance?

12) What is the name of debut novel of former UN Assistant Secretary General Lakshmi Puri released recently?

13) Prime Minister Narendra Modi has announced that India will have its own space station by which year?

14) Recently Finance Ministry has declared which of the following airlines as a ‘designated Indian carrier’?

15) Recently, which state Governor has authored and released the book named ‘Basic Structure and Republic’?

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