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1) Recently, Haryana won Vijay Hazare trophy for 2023 by defeating Rajasthan in finals. What is the other name for this trophy?

2) Prime Minister Narendra Modi inaugurated World’s largest Yoga Meditation Center Named ‘Swarved Mandir’ in which of the following city?

3) Consider the following statements and choose the correct one.
Statement-1: The Government declared Tamil Nadu as the Venue of Khelo India Games 2024.
Statement-2: For the first time, Squash will be included in the Khelo India games 2024.

4) Haryana clinched the top spot, securing a total of 105 medals, in the Khelo India Para Games 2023, which were concluded in New Delhi. What is the number of Gold medals won by Haryana?

5) Which of the following ministry has launched SATHEE portal to boost the preparation of students in competitive examinations?

6) Tribhuvan University sets world record with 26,000 attendees at its convocation ceremony. This University is located at______

7) Who among the following inaugurated ‘Animal Health Conclave’ in New Delhi?

8) India with which of the following bank has signed a loan agreement of $250 million for Industrial Corridor Development in India?

9) ‘Krutrim AI’, a multilingual AI model is developed in India by _____.

10) The 4th edition Khelo India University Games 2024 will be held in which of the following states?

11) ICRA (India Credit Rating Agency) has forecasted India’s GDP growth for FY24 from 6.2% to ______.

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