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1) The book “The Man Who Lost India” is authored by whom?

2) Which state’s cabinet has approved to rename Ahmednagar district as Ahilya Nagar?

3) Which state declared ‘Man-Animal conflict’ as the state-specific disaster?

4) Who is the former 13th Chief of Naval Staff, who has passed away recently?

5) Which state is set to launch a comprehensive door-to-door household survey for the socio-economic , educational, employment ,political and caste status of the people with an estimation cost of Rs 150cr?

6) Recently, a grand event ‘Yoga Mahotsav 2024’ was organised to commemorate 100 Days countdown to International Day of Yoga 2024. On which date International Yoga Day is celebrated annually?

7) India’s first Indoor Athletic Centre is recently inaugurated in which state?

8) Recently Geological Survey of India (GSI) has designated Pandavula Gutta which is older than Himalayas as Geo-heritage site. Pandavula Gutta is located at which district of Telangana?

9) Recently, United States of America has passed a bill to bank TikTok in its country. TikTok is developed by which Chinese firm?

10) Consider the following statements regarding recent disclose of Electoral Bonds data by Election Commission of India (ECI).
1) The SBI disclosed that a total of 22,217 electoral bonds were bought between April 1, 2019 and February 15, 2024. Out of these 22, 030 were redeemed by political parties.
2) A total value of 12,769 crore Rupees electoral bonds, BJP encashed highest amount of 6,060 crore among all political parties, after this Congress Party became 2nd, and Trinamool Congress became 3rd .
3) The top buyer of electoral bonds is Coimbatore-based Future Gaming & Hotel Services, who bought electoral bond worth Rs 1,368 crore.
Choose the correct statement/s based on the given options.

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