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1) Which place in Telangana is expected to get additional funding under P.M. MITRA scheme?

2) Select the correct statements regarding Horseshoe crabs: 1) Blood of this crab is very important for the preparation of rapid diagnostic reagents. 2) A molecule has been developed from a reagent of horseshoe crab to help in the treatment of pre-eclampsia.

3) Namdapha National Park and Tiger Reserve is present in which state?

4) Which state in the country is the largest mass nesting site for Oliver Ridleys in the World?

5) Star trackers or star sensors are used to measure

6) Global Recycling Day is observed every year on

7) Who is appointed as the new Chairman and Managing Director of Bharat Petroleum Corporation Limited (BPCL)?

8) Consider the correct statement regarding privilege motion: 1) It is moved by a member when he feels that a minister or any member has committed a breach of privilege of the House. 2) It is moved by any member of the House if he/she feels that the government in power does not have a majority

9) Who has been recently elected as the Vice President of Nepal?

10) Which company’s CEO joined hands with the Delhi Capitals to own and operate the Seattle franchise in the Major League Cricket (MLC)?

11) Who were conferred with Hockey India men’s and women’s player of the year awards 2022 respectively?

12) Santosh Trophy is related to which sports?

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