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1) Recently, BCCI has decided to retire Jersey Number 7 worn by M.S Dhoni and he became the second person to get this honor. Who among the following is the first person?

2) Who among the following has been crowned Miss India USA 2023 at the annual pageant held in New Jersey?

3) What is the name of India’s fastest Solar-electric boat which was developed by Navalt and Mazagaon Dock Ship builders limited?

4) Recently, which of the following Indian City has created ‘Guinness World Record’ for hosting the largest collaborative Reading event, involving 3,066 participants?

5) What is the objective of the PACE Mission which will be launched by NASA in 2024?

6) To honor the victory of the Indian armed forces over Pakistan in the 1971 war, December 16th is celebrated as________

7) Recently, which of the following airports in Gujarat has been declared as an International airport?

8) Indian Professor Savita Ladage has been honored with Nyhlom Prize for her contribution to advancing Chemistry Education. This prize was given by Royal Society of Chemistry (RSC) which is headquartered in_______

9) Which of the following entity/firm acquired a stake of 1.5% of Karur Vysya Bank for Rs 190 crore?

10) Which of the following European country decided to introduce green tax on air passengers from 2025?

11) Canara HSBC Life Insurance has introduced a program ‘Alpha Wealth’ to empower Individuals. Canara HSBC Life Insurance company headquarters is located at_______

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