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1) Burjeel Holdings, a private healthcare service provider in the MENA region, has appointed whom as its new brand ambassador?

2) Which state topped in the construction of most number of Amrit Sarovar (lakes) in India?

3) International Day of Democracy is observed globally on?

4) Who is the author of the book “Will Power: The Inside Story of the Incredible Turnaround in Indian Women’s Hockey”?

5) Who will head the six-member panel on Venture Capital And Private Equity Investments, constituted by government of India?

6) According to the National Health Accounts Estimates India 2018-19, per capita government spending in 2013-14 was 1,422 rupees, which has now climbed to _____ rupees.

7) Which state government launched "Mukhyamantri Govansh Mobile Chikitsa Yojana"?

8) What is the theme for this year’s Multinational "Exercise Kakadu 2022"?

9) Sinquefield Cup is associated with which game?

10) JIMEX is a Maritime Exercise between which two countries?

11) FAO and World Food Program warned recently about acute food insecurity in which neighbouring country of India?

12) India is set to re-introduce Cheetahs from Namibia in which National Park?

13) Which organisation in its report stated that 50 million people worldwide are stuck in ‘modern slavery’?

14) Ministry of Ports, Shipping and Waterways plans to build a National Maritime Heritage Complex (NMHC) at which state?

15) Who was appointed as the 14th Attorney General of India?

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