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1) Match the following New Year Festivals in India with their states.
A. Baisakhi  1. Kerala
B. Bohag Bihu  2. Punjab
C. Pana Sankranti  3. Assam
D. Vishu  4. Odisha

2) Which ministry organized the SCO Millets Food Festival 2023 in Mumbai?

3) Which Public Sector Undertakings company was awarded the ‘outstanding PSU of the Year’ award at the 13th Management India Awards Ceremony?

4) In which place did the ‘SCO Young Writers Conference’ concluded recently?

5) Which of the following companies became the first Indian company to have over 50 lakh shareholders, as of March 2023?

6) In April 2023, which of the following banks signed an MoU with the Agri-tech company Fasal to provide farmers with easy access to capital?

7) The Government of India signed an MoU with the UN World Food Programme (WFP) for sending 10,000 metric tonnes of ______ to the people of Afghanistan

8) Who are the two Indian that were listed in the 100 most influential People of 2023, published by the TIME Magazine in April 2023?

9) Uttara Baokar who passed away recently, was a veteran _______

10) According to the United Nations, India’s economic growth is projected to be declerated by how much percent in 2023?

11) The largest Bihu performance at a single venue in Assam, which entered the Guinness World Records was staged at which stadium?

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