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1) The comptroller and Auditor General of India, chairs the first Supreme Audit Institution - 20 meeting held at which place?

2) Which among the following statements are true regarding sickle cell disease A) It is a genetic disorder that cause red blood cells to become mishapen and breakdown B) There is currently no definitive cure for this disease C) India aims to eliminate sickle cell disease by 2030.

3) Which of the following disasters are covered under the state disaster response fund (SDRF) 1) Tsunami 2) Drought 3) Lightning 4) Cold Waves 5) Earthquake 6) Avalanches

4) Identify the correct statements: A) Naatu Naatu song from the movie RRR is the fourth non-english song to win as Oscar. B) The director of ‘Elephant Whisperers’ documentary is Kartiki Gonslves C) “Everything Everywhere All at Once” won 7 awards at the 95th Academy Awards.

5) ‘Buddhavanam’ a unique Buddhist Theme park is located in which of the following places?

6) Choose the correct pairs from the following: 1) Wayanad Wildlife Sanctuary - Karnataka 2) Bandipur Tiger Reserve - Kerala 3) Mudumalai Tiger Reserve - Tamil Nadu

7) Who has been recently elected as the President of Nepal?

8) Identify the correct statements regarding ‘Angkor Wat temple’. 1) This temple was built by the King Surya Varma II in 12th Century 2) It was originally a Hindu Temple, later converted as the centre of worship to Buddhism. 3) The Guinness World records Consideres it as the largest religious structure in the World.

9) Dedline to opt for Higher pension extened to which date for all eligible pensioners under the employees pension scheme 1995 who retired before September 2014?

10) Indian Immunologicals announced a partnership with the CIFA for Fish Vaccine. Who is the present M.D. for Indian Immunologicals?

11) International Day of Action for rivers is celebrated on March 14 every year. This year marks ____ International Day of action for rivers?

12) Pi Day (or) World mathematics Day is celebrated on?

13) “Freedom Shield”, the largest joint military exercise is conducted between which of the following nations?

14) The government has sought a final Tranche of Supplementary demands for grants for 2022-23 from parliament, amounting to a net cash outgo of how much?

15) State Regulators closed signature bank, the third largest failure in US banking history. It’s headquarters is located in?

16) NMDC’s Amitava Mukherjee gets additional charge as chairman and managing director (CMD) for a period of how many months?

17) Income Tax Department has collected an additional of Rs. ____ Crores in 2022 - 23 via updated tax returns.

18) LIC increased its stake in Dr. Reddy’s Lab from 7.6% to how much percentage?

19) In February, India’s retail inflation is?

20) Japan’s Nobel - winning novelist Kenzaburo Oe passed away recently. He won nobel prize in which year?

21) Central Government approved disaster relief to five states under a high - level committee chaired by Amit Shah. Which one of the following is NOT included in that?

22) India remains World’s largest importer of arms. Which country is the largest arms supplier for India in 2018-22?

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