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1) Where is the world’s highest fighter airfield being developed?

2) Which player becomes the fastest to score 13000 runs in ODI cricket?

3) Which player won the men’s singles title at Indonesia Masters 2023?

4) Who inaugurated the First Global Symposium on Farmer’s Rights in New Delhi?

5) Which Small Finance Bank has entered into a strategic partnership with Bajaj Allianz Life Insurance?

6) Who has been reappointed as the MD and CEO of ICICI Bank by the RBI?

7) Why was the Incremental Cash Reserve Ratio (I-CRR) introduced by the RBI?

8) Which country has topped the overall list of the world’s best countries, as per U.S News & World Report?

9) A replica of the Konark Wheel of Odisha’s sun temple served as the backdrop for Modi’s welcome of G-20 leaders. During which century was the actual Konark Wheel built?

10) Which of the following payment companies partnered with Thomas Cook (India) Limited to introduce a RuPay prepaid forex card?

11) Which of the following countires Signed MoU with India to enhance ties in renewable energy, energy efficiency, hydrogen, electricity and grid?

12) Which of the following companies declared AI partnerships with US chip company NVIDIA to build cloud infrastructure, language models, and generative applications?

13) Former Dennis Austin, who passed away recently was the co-creator of ___

14) Which of the following countries took over the Presidency from India after the successful conclusion of 18th G20 Summit hosted by India?

15) What is the capital of Morocco?

16) Who is the present chairperson of the National Commission for Women?

17) What is the recent cyclone that devastated Libya?

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