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1) Recently, Nayab Singh Saini sworn in as the new chief minister of which state?

2) Recently Karnataka State has banned the use of pink food colouring agent in cotton candy due to the presence of a chemical named ______ as its consumption causes serious long term health risks.

3) Recently, Bank of Baroda launched ‘BOB Earth Green Term Deposit Scheme’ aimed at raising deposits for financing eligible environment friendly projects. Under this scheme what is the maximum rate of interest offered to the deposits with a tenure of 777 days?

4) Recently 11 African countries signed ‘Yaounde Declaration’, the main objective of this declaration is eradication of Malaria. Yaounde is the capital of which African country?

5) Which Insurance company has launched AI Chatbot ‘Insurance Samjho’ to offer clear information about its insurance policies to policyholders?

6) In March 2024 India won which trophy by defeating England in Test cricket series held in India?

7) Recently, which state government has launched ‘Neengal Nalama’ (Are you fine?) a beneficiary programme aimed at reviewing the implementation of welfare schemes?

8) Recently, which airport has been awarded with the title of best airport in the Asia-Pacific region for the 6th consecutive year by Airports Council International (ACI)?

9) Who was sworn in as the Vigilance Commissioner at the Central Vigilance Commission (CVC)?

10) ‘Gulf of Tonkin’ which is also called as ‘Gulf of Beibu’ is frequently seen in news, it became a territorial dispute between which two countries?

11) According to latest data released by SIPRI, India remains the world’s largest Arms importer as it accounts 9.8% of global imports from 2019 to 2023. Which country emerged as the world’s largest Arms exporter in this report?

12) What is the name of India’s first contactless payment wearables launched by IndusInd Bank?

13) Recently, which university has honoured President Droupadi Murmu with honorary Degree of Doctorate of Civil Law?

14) What is the rank of India in ‘Liberal Democracy Index-2023’ released by V-Dem Institute?

15) Recently, who among the following Indian cricketer named as the ICC Player of the Month for February 2024?

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