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1) Recently, in which country has India's Immediate Payment System UPI been launched?

2) Who has won the men's singles title in Chennai Open 2024 (tennis)?

3) Where will the regional centre of Sangeet Natak Akademi be set up?

4) When is National Women's Day celebrated every year in India?

5) Who has been appointed as the new Speaker of Bihar Assembly?

6) Calvin Kiptam was an athlete from which country who has passed away recently?

7) Alexander Stubb has become the President of which country?

8) Which birth anniversary of Swami Dayanand Saraswati was celebrated in 2024?

9) Bhagwant Mann and Kejriwal launched ‘Ghar Ghar Muft Ration Scheme’ for 25 lakh beneficiaries. The ‘Ghar Ghar Muft Ration Scheme’ is launched in which state?

10) Who was presented the ALERT Being Award for Lifetime Achievement for his philanthropy and business excellence?

11) Which organization approved payment aggregator business to Juspay, Zoho and Decentro?

12) What was the focus of the conference organized by NADA?

13) Which Indian state is initiating the Green Hydrogen Initiative targeting 1 million tonne capacity and 1.2 lakh jobs?

14) Which Indian state aims to establish an AI hub and make the internet a basic right for its citizens?

15) Which Indian state’s efforts to revive traditional buffalo and bulbul fights during the Magh Bihu festival faced legal challenges?

16) Which company has partnered with Embraer on the C-390 Millennium medium transport aircraft in India?

17) Which country was chosen as the guest of honour at the New Delhi World Book Fair 2024?

18) Which cabinet ministry has tied up with FIFA to distribute 11 lakh footballs across the country?

19) In which year was World Unani Day celebrated for the first time?

20) NITI Aayog planned the economic transformation of four cities in India. Which of the following cities is not among them?

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