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1) World’s first Asian King Vulture Conservation and Breeding Center is to be inaugurated in which Indian State?

2) Which of the following statements is/are correct?
I. Prime Minister Narendra Modi launched the International Big Cats Alliance (IBVA) in Madhya Pradesh.
II. IBCA focuses on the conservation of seven species of big cats, including tigers, lions, leopards, cheetahs, jaguars, snow leopards, and clouded leopards.
III. The Introduction of the IBCA is an important step towards the conservation of these magnificent animals, as their populations face unprecedented threats from habitat loss, poaching and human-animal conflicts.
Choose the correct code:

3) Who among the following Ukrainian Deputy Foreign Minister is on a four day visit to India?

4) Who won the title at World Chess Armageddon Asia & Oceania event?

5) Bangladesh, India, and Japan are set to hold a two-day connectivity event in which place?

6) Recently, the Election Commission has withdrawn the national party status of which of the following parties?

7) Who becomes the fastest batsman to score 6000 runs in Indian Premier Leauge (IPL)?

8) Government Organises National Apprenticeship Mela under Skill India Mission in?

9) National Safe motherhood Day is observed every year on?

10) Former IAS officer and Chief Electoral Officer (CEO), Naresh Gupta passed away recently. He is a native of which state?

11) India’s first office will be constructed using 3D printing technology in which of the following cities?

12) The Unique Identification Authority of India (UIDAI) has joined hands with which IIT to develop a robust touchless biometric capture system?

13) South Korea’s antitrust regulator has fined which of the following company with $31.88 million for blocking the release of mobile video games on a Competitor’s platform?

14) Jyotirao Phule Jayanti is an annual observance in India, celebrated on April 11th every year. This year marks his _____ anniversary.

15) With reference to Finance Commission, consider the following statements:
I. It is a quasi-judicial constitutional body that is constituted by the President of India.
II. The chairman of the commission should be a person having special knowledge of economics.
III. The members are not eligible for reappointment. Which of the following statements given above are not correct?

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