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1) The first World EV Day was observed in which year?

2) Who has been appointed as the brand ambassador of Indian FMCG company named Pintola?

3) "International Day to Protect Education from Attack" is observed every year on?

4) Who has been selected for the post of Chairman & Managing Director of “A” Miniratna Category-I Company, MOIL Limited?

5) Who won the title of Miss Earth India 2022?

6) Who was awarded with 31st Vyas Samman?

7) ___________ in collaboration with World Resources Institute (WRI), India, launched the country’s first national electric freight platform – e-FAST India?

8) Which state government has launched the rain water harvesting scheme called "CHHATA"?

9) What is the rank of India in the Human Development Index (HDI) 2021?

10) Bihar chief minister Nitish Kumar inaugurated the country’s largest rubber dam and a steel bridge over which river?

11) Recently, Neeraj chopra won the Diamond League Final held in _________ with a throw of 88.44 m?

12) Ramchandra Manjhi, Bhojpuri folk dance exponent passed away recently. He was awarded Padma Shri in which year?

13) ‘Ni-kshay 2.0 portal’, which was launched recently, is associated with which disease?

14) As per the policy for long-term leasing of railway land for PM Gati Shakti, what is the tenure up to which land lease is provided?

15) The Indian Government has prepared an action plan for facilitation of special rupee accounts for trade settlements, with which institution?

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