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English Grammer Shortcuts (Articles)

Errors in use of Articles

Use of 'An'

1.Before words beginning with vowel sounds [a, e, i, o, u are called vowels.Others are consonnts].

an apple, an egg, an owl.

2.Before words beginning with slient 'h' an hour an honourable man,an heir, an honest man.

3.F,H,L,M,N,R,S,X are letters that are not vowels but begin with vowel sound

Example. M has the sound of 'em' So 'an' is used before abbrevations beginning with vowels or these letters.

Example : an M.L.A, an R.A.F, an N.C.C.officer ,an F.I.R.,an X-RAY, an H.E.school,an S.P.,an LEA school.

Use of 'A'

1.(i)In the sense of one .

Ex: He couldn't speak a word to save himself.

(ii)With 'one' ('one' begins with sound of 'w') .

Ex: a one-man show, a one-rupee note.

2.Before words beginning with consonant sound .

Ex: a boy,a box, a dog.

3.With vowel letters having consonant value .

Ex: a University,a Unique articale, a euphemism, a Unit, a European language, (all these begin with consonant sound of 'yu').

4.With units and rate(per):

Ex: He earns rupee five hundreded a month ,Rice selles tten rupees a kilo, Give me a meter of the cloth.

5. In exclamatory expression before singular countable nouns:

Ex: What a pretty girl!, How sunny a day!

6. When two subjects or articales are thought of as a single unit.

Ex: He was ready with a cup and saucer, a cigarette is made of paper and tobacco.

7. With certain expressions of quantity:

Ex:a lot of ,a dozen, a greate deal of, acouple

Use of 'The'

1.When we speak of a particular person or thing already referred to:

Ex: I dislike the fellow.

Ex:The boy near the taps is my brother.

I.When a singular noun represents a whole class:

Ex: (i)The mango is considered the king among the fruits.

(ii)The man in blue jeans is my friend.

(iii)The ass is used as a beast of burden.

(iv)The one eyed woman is a beggar.

II. With names of :

(a) gulfs, rivers, oceans, islands and mountains

Ex:The Himalayas, The Indian ocean, The persian Gulf, The Red sea, The Andaman island, The Brahmaputra river.

III. Certain books :

Ex:The Vedas, The Purans, The Bible, The Ramacharitmanas.

IV. Musical instruments :

Ex:The Flute, The Violin, The table, The trumpet.

V. The inventions :

Ex: I hate The telephone for its constant ringing.

Ex:The television is a gift of science.

Errors in use of Articles Practice Set

1) The road (a)/to famous monument (b)/passes through a forest(c)/No error(d)

solution :(b) Add 'the' before 'famous'.'The' is used before particular objects.

2) Now that she is living in her own flat,(a)/she cleans the windows,(b)/twice a week in the summer and once a week in the winter.(c)/No error(d).

solution : (c) Remove 'the' before summer and winter.

3) These display (a)/the(b)/remarkable variety.(c)/No error(d)

solution :(b) Replace 'the' by 'a'

4) According to the Bible(a)/it is meek and humble(b)/who shall inherit the earth.(c)/No error(d)

solution : (b) Add 'the' before meek

5) Sunita opened a almirah (a)/full of books (b)/and took one of them (c)/for reading.(d)/No error(e)

solution : (a) replace 'the ' by 'a'

6) My father is (a)/in bad mood (b)/today.(c)/No erroe(d)

solution : (b) add 'a' before 'bad mood'.

7) On my request (a)/Lait introduced me (b)/to his friend.(c)/who is singer and scientist.(d)/No erroe(e)

solution : (d) add 'a' before singer.Because two objects are came such as singer and scientist.

8) This town isn't very well known (a)/and there isn't much to see, (b)/so a few tourists come here(c)/No erroe(d)

solution : (c) Remove 'a'.

9) The majority of the (a)/computer professionals recommends (b)/that effective measures (c)/should be taken against software piracy(d)/No erroe(e)

solution : (a) replace 'The majority' by 'a' majority

10) The accelerating pace of life in our metropolitan city (a)/has had the tremendous effect (b)/on the culture and life-style of the people.(c)/No erroe(d)

solution : (b) replace 'the' by 'a'